Ronja Sebastian
Founder of the Sensual Yogini
Hey gorgeous, 
Welcome to the Sensual Yogini!
Your Online Temple for Feminine Embodiment, Sensual Awakening & Limitless Living...
Dear amazing woman,
What is your deepest longing?

Why are you here on this Earth?

What have you come here for?

Are you ready to live it?

Can you feel the presence of the big She that 
is wanting to live through you?

The uncompromised, hair-let-down fullness 
of who you are.

In your most relaxed, fluid, open YOU. 

Moving through life with acceptance, 
love, and (dare I say it?) adoration of 
who you are as a woman.

Deeply in touch with what your unique gifts are… 
as a woman, friend, sister, lover…

Not just dreaming of deep love, but living it 
as an embodied reality.

Because life's too short to settle for less. 
The calling is too strong to stay closed down.

The invitation is too exhilarating and the possibilities too compelling not to open to them.


“I’ve got a groundedness and female spiritual practices
that really speak to all layers of my being.
Life is so much more easy and fun!”
– Tosca Flora, Green Love | Haarlem, NL
"The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout makes me feel focused, centered, alive and sexy!"
– Louise, dance teacher | NL
"I would totally recommend the Sensual Yogini to all women who want to feel more juicy, more connected to their body and the core of their being, or who simply want to enjoy life more.”
– Judy de Koningh | NL
"Trust me, if you want to 
take your life, your love and 
your energy to the next level: She’s your woman!"
– Janneke Robers, women’s coach | NL
The Sensual Yogini 
Online Academy for Women
Alive, juicy, sexy, in love with yourself and your life...
Living a life beyond limitations of the mind,
in support of your dreams and desires...
your longing and wildest adventures.
In the Sensual Yogini Academy you’ll learn…
Love skills
Orgasm boosters
Sexual health for women
Mastering the law of attraction
Self love and care for your body
Creating nourishing relationships
Becoming effortlessly (and wildly) attractive
Seeing through the script of the mind (aka not believing your thoughts)
Embodying different flavors of the feminine
Relaxing your body and releasing fear
Forgiveness and letting go of the past
Letting go of emotional struggle
Living in the “all pervasive ok-ness”
Manifesting abundance
Trusting LIFE
Becoming Limitless
… and more …
Living as a Sensual Yogini means...
Diving into 
your life experience
with poetic abandon...
Following the resonance 
of what feels the most 
expansive, true and loving.
And living in the surrendered 
trust and knowing 
that life has your back, 
you’re never alone, 
and you’re always all-one 
with the intelligence and 
source of all that is.
The way of the feminine is to do it together.
In support – in community – in sisterhood.
Joy is your birthright. 
So is deep love.
“This has given me juiciness, playfulness, 
wildness and softness.
I’m finally so HAPPY to be a woman,
and to be in this body and LOVE it!”
– Kinga Sidor, Yoga Teacher | Rotterdam, NL
"Ronja, THANK YOU!!! I have been doing the Limitless Meditation 
for the past 6 months and feel so connected to everything and everyone that it's just amazing!!!!! What a perfect wake up... 
You are a hero in our house!! :)
You have so many goddesses turning on to your work... 
and a few of us guys too. ( I love doing the Yoni Yoga too :) )
Lots of love and good vibes, Elvis, Jo and Rowan 
(the youngest yogini almost 7 yrs) xxx "
– Elvis Beetham, United Kingdom (husband of Sensual Yogini Jo Doran)
"I’ve done the Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout for 
3 weeks nowusually in bed, just before going to sleep. 
It makes me feel focused, centered, alive and sexy!
While self-pleasuring, my orgasms have become more intense.
(Haven’t been able to test it on a guy yet, but I guess it will be fun…) ;)
Ronja has a LOVELY energy. She creates a safe place to let go, 
and the way she talks us through the exercises 
is caring and loving."
– Louise, dance teacher | Amsterdam, NL
So let’s talk details…This is what you get!
Inside, you’ll find the tools, techniques and practices that I have found to be 
the most powerful, transformational and enjoyable to live 
as a sensually embodied woman.

As well as the mindset shifts that are the most effortless and effective for 
creating a life of true abundance.

This is NOT only a tantra course for women, not only a 
business bootcamp, not just a spiritual crash course…

This is where it all comes together. Because life isn’t fragmented like that.

You don’t “just” want to have amazing sex, or loving relationships, or plenty of money in the bank, or the freedom to travel and live life on your terms.

You want it all. Not either/or, but both/and.

And that – gorgeous you – is a beautiful thing.

Because all 

of this



The Sensual Yogini practices and principles have allowed me to:
√ Dissolve limiting thoughts and beliefs

√ Heal physical and emotional trauma

√ Create a business that I’m absolutely in love with

√ Spend the biggest part of each year traveling (Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, India, Nepal, Egypt, USA, Europe etc etc…)

√ Meet amazing teachers and people all over the world

√ Experience love relationships and mind blowing sex that just keeps on getting better and better

√ Lead workshops and retreats around Europe, Thailand, Bali and California (and much more to come)

√ Live a life of synchronicity and magic

… and so much more.
I have gone from being tense, fearful and closed down – 
to open, sensual and deeply receptive for pleasure.

For most of my life I was in a battle with myself, I suffered through abuse, depression, 
and multiple suicide attempts. For years I struggled with relationships (or the lack of them) 
and I was convinced that no one would ever be attracted to me, 
let alone want to be in a relationship with me.

Then when I was 17 I discovered yoga, meditation, tantra, 
breathwork, ecstatic dance and sacred sexuality, 
and an entire new world opened up for me.

Through understanding and embodying certain principles 
I suddenly attracted more men than I could handle
It was stunningly simple.

And before you ask: no, it wasn’t just any men, but 
the deep, loving, present men that women usually envision 
when they ask the question“Do these men actually exist??”

(And if that’s your question, then the answer is: yes they absolutely do. 
And in the Sensual Yogini I’ll share with you how to attract them. 
Or invoke those qualities in the man you’re already with.)

This. Stuff. Works.

And also trust me on this: If I can do it, you can do it.

I’ll also share with you about what sex, flow and energy has to do with money 
– and how to create relaxed success on your terms.

One important caveat though:

When I say stunningly simple I don’t necessarily mean "easy". 
It definitely takes trust, courage and 
a willingness to free fall…

But, as the great poet Rumi said…

"The way of love is not a subtle argument.
The door there is devastation.

Birds make great sky-circles 
of their freedom.
How do they do it?

They fall.

And in falling, they are given wings…"
– Rumi
Who is the Sensual Yogini for?
The Sensual Yogini is right for you...

If you’re a woman – single, in a relationship or anywhere in between.

If you love dance, massage, nature and practices that open you up to 100% aliveness.

If you enjoy connecting with other amazing awakening women.

If you’re excited about this accelerated time of easy manifestation.

If you want to step up your game and have more meaningful impact in your relationships, career and life on this planet.

If you want to learn the art of creating effortless attraction, through relaxation rather than ‘trying’…

If you want to experience Breath & Energy Orgasms. 
(Yep, it’s possible not only possible, but easy.)

If you LOVE dancing (who doesn’t?)

If you want to experience sublime states of natural high, currents of orgasm and embodied ecstasy in a way that’s both expansive/empowering and calm+grounded.

This is NOT for you…

… if you hate meditation, connection and sharing.
… if you like to complain, blame circumstances or hold onto victimhood for longer than necessary.
… if you don’t enjoy dance, massage, connection and feeling vibrantly alive.
… if you don’t like chocolate (just kidding, you can still come, but you’ll be missing out on some serious deliciousness…)

Fine print:

Also please don’t sign up if you want to stay stuck in excuses and small-minded living. These practices bring with them profound states of aliveness and you can't "untake" the red pill. You have been warned. ;)

What are the results?
From stiff to flowing
From sluggish to vibrant
From stuck to overflowing with inspiration
More energy
Better sex
Deep orgasms
Deeper, more loving intimacy
Feel more juicy
Make more money
Love yourself
Love life
Live a life of synchronicity and magic
New guided video & audio practices released each month:
Pussy Power Yoni Yoga (gives you soft, strong, 
supple & skilled pussy muscles)

Taoist Sensual Breast Massage 
(for healthy, happy and orgasmic breasts...)

Kundalini Shaking Practice (bust through resistance 
and access boundless energy and inspiration)

How to have an Energy Breath Orgasm (guided practice)

Orgasmic Chakra Breath Journey (guided practice)

Lotus Sublimation (juicy way to increase and sublimate energy 
– perfect to do before going on a date!)

Sexual Vitality Qigong (awaken and circulate sexual energy)

Sensual Yoni Jade Egg Practice (ancient Taoist + Tantric practice, 
used by tantrikas and sexual priestesses for thousands of years, 
adapted to suit modern day goddesses like YOU. ;)

… and more …

In addition to this you’ll receive:

√ Access to the Lovestream Library of Live Q&A sessions and group coaching

√ Access to the Lovestream Library of bonus trainings

√ Membership in the Sensual Yogini secret facebook group

What's inside?

Immediately when you join, you get access to the 2 Sensual Yogini core practices: 

The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout and The Taoist Sensual Breast Massage

Plus the bonus: The Inner Alchemy Core Channel Meditation 

And instant access to the entire Lovestream Library

Sexual Health for Women
Manifestation Magic – Effortlessly Create the Life of Your Dreams by Following Your Joy
Empowered Living with guest Ryan D Brown
The 3 Stages of Embodied Awakening
Attraction Secrets and Relationship Skills
Q&A Group Coaching Calls
and more…
New guided video & audio practices released each month:
Pussy Power Yoni Yoga (gives you soft, strong, 
supple & skilled pussy muscles)

Taoist Sensual Breast Massage 
(for healthy, happy and orgasmic breasts...)

Kundalini Shaking Practice (bust through resistance 
and access boundless energy and inspiration)

How to have an Energy Breath Orgasm (guided practice)

Orgasmic Chakra Breath Journey (guided practice)

Lotus Sublimation (juicy way to increase and sublimate energy 
– perfect to do before going on a date!)

Sexual Vitality Qigong (awaken and circulate sexual energy)

Sensual Yoni Jade Egg Practice (ancient Taoist + Tantric practice, 
used by tantrikas and sexual priestesses for thousands of years, 
adapted to suit modern day goddesses like YOU. ;)

Shakti Cardio Blast (the fun way to increase energy and get fit and happy)

… and more …
Ok cool, let's get this party started!
YES, I want to be a Sensual Yogini!
YES: I want to be a part of the Sensual Yogini Online Community 
with other amazing women who are on a path of health, vitality, love, 
fulfilling intimacy and living life like the adventure it's meant to be...

YES: I’m looking forward to joining the virtual hangouts & online girls nights and
 connect with other cool women around the world.

YES: I want to receive amazing webinar trainings and practices, 
guiding me to the life of my dreams and success on my terms.

YES: I’m excited to open up to deeper pleasure, more energy and more 
refined skills in lovemaking (with myself and/or with a lover).

YES: I feel excited about moving into a greater acceptance, 
deeper self love and all-pervasive ok-ness for who I am.

YES: I’m looking forward to stepping more into my power, increasing 
creativity and tapping into my zone of genius.

YES: I’m curious about what this will all bring, and what might 
happen when I become more and more… 
Ready to dive in...?
60 day happy yogini money back guarantee.
Want to know more...?
The Sensual Yogini Academy month by month
– a sneak peek...
Month 1 – Yoni Love & Breast Massage
The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout: video + guided practice + two extra practices
The Taoist Sensual Breast Massage: video + guided practice
The Inner Alchemy Core Channel Meditation
Benefits of the 
Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout:
  •  Stronger vaginal muscles
  •  Softer yoni
  •  Heightened sensitivity = more pleasure
  •  Tight & healthy pussy like a young woman (aging doesn’t have to mean going saggy!)
  •  Deeper connection with your sexual temple
  •  Sublimate energy and move from genital orgasms to full body orgasms
  •  Learn to articulate your intimate muscles
  •  Your lover will experience a LOT more pleasure... (trust me on this one)
This last point is worth emphasizing again:
Even though I’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises since I was 15 
(ashtanga yoga, pilates and ballet), when I started doing my pussy workout this way, after just a few days my man could feel a HUGE difference.
In fact, I promised to pass on this message from my man...
“Please Ronja, please teach this to women! 
Men all over the world will benefit from women learning this. 
The difference is sensational.”

Side effects of NOT doing your Yoni Yoga:
  •  Weak pelvic floor muscles
  •  Potential vaginal prolapse
  •  Urine leakage (more and more as we age)
  •  Less sensation and pleasure for your lover
  •  Less sensation and pleasure for you
  •  Losing energy and feeling drained throughout the day
  • = increased need for coffee and other stimulants
  •  Deadened vagina – ugh…
Plus, if you’ve given birth and you feel a bit numb ‘down there’, 
this will help you to regain sensitivity and connection with your vagina
and feel sensual and open once again.
Benefits if the Taoist Sensual Breast Massage:
  •  Awakens sexual energy
  •  Makes your breasts tingly and orgasmic
  •  Increases your erotic potential
  •  Floods your body with pleasure hormones
  •  Activates production of oxytocin and dopamine = “young, turned on and happy neurotransmitters :)
  •  Balances your hormonal system
  •  Cleanses your breasts
  •  Prevents breast cancer
  •  Sexual energy “spills over” into your yoni (more on that here below)
And incidentally…
  •  Bigger and/or firmer breasts
Say whaaat?? Really...?
Why is it so great to massage your breasts?
Your breasts (connected to the heart chakra) is the main 
"feminine plus pole", meaning that it is here – NOT in your vagina – that sexual energy should be awakened first.

Your vagina is your receptive pole, meaning that she gets turned on most easily and readily when you receive sexual energy from another plus pole

This can happen either through being penetrated by a man’s sexual plus pole – his lingam/cock – or by arousing your own plus pole: your breasts.
In short: The more you stimulate and awaken your breasts,
the more you feel in your pussy during lovemaking or self pleasuring.

And on the hormonal side…
… massaging your breasts releases a flood of oxytocin 
and endorphins into your body.

Oxytocin makes us feel sensual, happy and relaxed. 

It counteracts stress, addiction and is a natural antidepressant.

Oxytocin is also necessary for your pussy to get wet 
– and, to top it off, is the body’s own anti-aging hormone.

Get this:
Being sexually alive dramatically increases your attractive power.

So if you don’t have a lover or partner (but would like one) 
then try this and you'll soon attract high quality men, guys
and football teams by the dozens… ;)

"Ronja’s Taoist Sensual Breast Massage 
takes breast massage to a whole new level.

It make me feel rejuvenated and energized. 
Like a cocktail of spicy energy that awakens my spirit, 
centers me and at the same time calms me down.

I use it to give myself a ‘quickie’ in between writing, 
before a workshop or just somewhere during the day. The best reset you can give yourself after a day of hard work.

I never expected an online training to feel so real. 
It’s like Ronja is sitting in the room next to you. I love listening 
to her soft voice and her loving energy. She is completely there 
with you, guiding you through the complete practice including 
intention setting, breathing, visualization and music.

Personal, integrated and really powerful.

Ronja has deep love running through her. 
Her wisdom is a combination of deep spiritual practices and grounded body knowledgewhich gives you a feeling of being deeply connected to the source of your own femininity
and that of our collective womanhood.

You breathe it in when she talks, you feel it in your body and 
you keep hearing her voice whispering to be gentle and loving to yourself long after you’ve done the practice.

Trust me, if you want to take your life, your love 
and your energy to the next level
She’s your woman!"
– Janneke Robers, women’s coach and founder of the Pleasure Academy | NL
Month 2 – Gateway Into Consciousness
In this month you'll learn how to relax deeply into 
your true, limitlessness nature. 
You'll learn how to witness life in its exquisite beauty, 
and be at peace with everything exactly as it is.

When shifting into the open presence that you are, 
a deep peace from within will emerge, and you can feel completely whole 
even in the midst of emotional turmoil. 

You can manifest our dream reality, attract your perfect partner, 
without trying to fix anything or coming from a space of lack. 
The missing key in manifestation and how to tap into our true and unbound nature

The Limitless Meditation for awakening and enlightenment
A powerful embodiment practice to move beyond mind fucks and into energized inspiration
Month 3 – Orgasmic Practices 
for Urban Goddesses
In this month you'll dive into sublime ways to 
open your pleasure pathways...
You'll learn how to activate, circulate and sublimate sexual energy.
You'll learn a gentle, sexy, sweet and juicy practice for 
sublime orgasms and energized aliveness...
... as well as the Orgasmic Chakra Breath Journey, 
Orgasmic Chakra Triple Journey, and
the Orgasmic Breath Quickie.
Month 4 – 
Advanced Sexual Vitality Qigong
In this month you'll receive practices for full-bodied aliveness, grounded awareness, and relaxed empowerment...
You'll learn practices that ignite your sexual fire, helps you clear out blockages 
and stuckness in your system, and balances your energy body between 
relaxation and empowerment.
Plus, we'll do some pretty cool internal fire poi... ;)
Month 5 – 
Entering the Tachyon Temple
In Month 5 we dive into the art of the Yoni Egg Practice.
This is an ancient Taoist and Tantric practice for women, 
used by tantrikas & sexual priestesses for thousands of years, and 
adapted to suit modern day goddesses like yourself. ;)
You receive several different versions of the Yoni Egg Practice, as well as 
tips for how to take care of your egg, how to choose the right one for you, how to find 
the balance between strength and softness and more...

You also receive a guided meditation called 
Intimate Yoni & Heart Sharing, which allows you to 
tap into the innate wisdom and guidance of your feminine body. 
Month 6 – Awakening to your Emotional, Energetic & Erotic Genius
The purpose of this month is to undo any tension that you might have in your emotional system. 

To dissolve any resistance that you have towards any part of your being, or towards any part of your emotional expression.

This is going to be the antidote towards any part of you that says "I shouldn't be feeling like this" or "this part of me is not OK", or "If I'm expressing emotion in this way then I'm not loveable".

This is a literal reprogramming – an undoing – of that.
You'll find different practices where you experience what it's like to allow the full flow of your emotional spectrum in such a way that not only is "ok", but actually serves your sensual openness and your energetic embodiment.

The Rainbow Practice

Intro video 
Guided practice in 3 versions 5/10/15 minutes in each phase 
Spotify playlists

Emotional Yoga – Opening As Whatever Is Arising

Intro video 
Guided Meditation – choose your own music
Guided Meditation with music 

Meditation for Deep Inner Peace Beyond Emotional Ups and Downs
Intro guidance
Guided – with silence – choose your own music:
 Guided – with music:

Bonus Course – Attraction Secrets
Combining Law of Attraction, Vibrational Realities, Effortless Attraction Principles, Masculine–Feminine Polarity, Body Language, Voice, Rejection-proof ways to approach a man, How to "make the move" without making the move, understanding the male mind, longings and desires, 
and more...
Giving back
The Sensual Yogini is a proud partner of
The Himalayan Cataract Project 
– an unbelievably amazing organization that is doing some of the most 
concrete and impactful work we've ever come across.
The Himalayan Cataract Project has restored eyesight for more than 445,000 people 
in the developing world, and these superheros are currently on a mission to provide surgery 
for the world's 18 million needlessly-blind people who are still awaiting care.
When you join the Sensual Yogini $50 is donated directly to the Himalayan Cataract Project – restoring eyesight for 2 blind people in the developing world*.
A gift of appreciation for being dedicated to this path, 
to your own growth and pleasure
and to the awakening of this 
entire planet.
Yep, I'm in!
60 day happy yogini money back guarantee.
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